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Tianjin Haiyue Technology Co., Ltd
Add:No.30, Nanhuan road, Shigezhuang town, Wuqing district, Tianjin, China
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About Us

Our most competitive products - bicycle parts include: bicycle frame & fork pivot, cable stopper, dropout, front fork stem, bridge plate, B.B shell, frame & fork end, Allen key, head tube, brake column (pivot), axis, lock axis (pivot), fork rack fitting, non-standard fork fastener, and special-shaped standard part. We also produce frame & fork, material is steel & alloy.

Tianjin Haiyue Technology Co., Ltd. which is located in Shigezhuang Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin City, P.R. China, was founded in February 2006. Our company is the general taxpayer corporate unit, with the right of handling import and export business.

There are 50 sets of Taiwanese cold heading machines and matching equipment. We have an area of 12,000 square meters, and a more than 8,000 square meters' modern standard factory building. We are the professional producer of high precision cold forging parts, standard parts, shaped standard parts and machine parts in Beijing and Tianjin.

Our products have a good market share in domestic markets and are exported to Japan, Russia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa and other countries and regions. We welcome all friends to guide, visit and negotiate.

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Add:No.30, Nanhuan road, Shigezhuang town, Wuqing district, Tianjin, China
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